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Cleaning Tips
Activewear can get sweaty and stinky! Also, retaining stretch and wear length is equally as important as keeping everything smelling like roses. Following these basic tips really can help:
  • Hand wash items inside out in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.
  • Never use fabric softeners! Softeners will break down any foils or embellishments.
  • Hang or lay flat to dry items. This may take several days, so rotating items for practice ensures that you will have items to wear.
  • Never use a dryer of any kind to speed up the process. This will break down the synthetic components in the spandex that will allow it to not retain its original shape. The thread will not hold up to heat as well.
  • Even though it might look cute to use your leotards as swimsuits they just won't hold up to saltwater, natural water or chemicals found many pools or spas. These leotards are meant for flipping and spinning above water only!
  • The lifetime of your products should last with these tips until you are ready for a new style or your child has grown into the next size up.
More information about care instructions can be found here.